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- 'Burnt out' staff affecting others with their cynicism.
- Some team members feel 'out of the loop' and feel as if their opinions don't matter.
- Staff no longer say "this is a great place to work", or team members saying "I can't be bothered anymore."
- The workplace has drama and intrigue.
- Apathy is present e.g. "It's always worked fine doing it this way, why do we need to change?".

Project Happen is a collaboration between Jo Mason and Dee Hyde. We are based in the
Palmerston North and Levin areas. The strength behind Project Happen is the combination
of skills that we bring to the collaboration. We have happily worked together since 2009 in
complementary roles and project happen is the result of establishing our own business and
formally combining those skills. Our partnership is a unique approach to working differently; 
our collaborative way of working together with our clients delivers great outcomes.
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It is our experience that the 'wow' factor in workplaces can be threatened by such things as:
- Tailored training material, and learning and development workshops.
- Meeting / Group facilitation.
- Coaching (individual or group).
- Planning (personal or group).
Talk to us about how we can support in your workplace through:
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