Project Happen focusses on strengthening workplaces through learning and coaching.

Through learning we can:
- Quickly assess learning needs and design responses that meet gaps.
- Train the trainer - upskilling your existing staff to become a training resource in your business.
- Design and deliver face to face and on-line workshops in response to identified skill gaps.
- Support to develop learning effectiveness assessment.
- Step by step digital manuals to support learning of new systems or software.

We believe learning should be fun and rewarding for the learner and a good investment for your business.

Through coaching we can:
- Help your staff to further understand the 'big picture' of your business and how their role contributes.
- Encourage staff to become reflective and to use positive problem solving methods.
- Help staff to understand their own skill sets and how to use them most effectively.
- Develop workplace confidence through role clarity.
- Support staff to recognise individual responsibility and team responsibility.

We believe coaching is an important investment in building and retaining confident, competent staff.

Dee and Jo have both completed Solutions Focussed Training and this reflects in our practice.

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